Opening Speech 'Scientist, come out of your lab'

I wonder who you are.

You invent formulas to explain the world.
You create mind blowing mathematical models and life saving medicines.

I wonder who you are.

You work in high towers at prestigious universities,
huge laboratories in big companies.
You publish in enormous amounts of magazines that few people ever read. You speak a language hardly anyone understands.
You spend days, months, even years to come one step closer to the so called 'truth'.

I wonder who you are. 

You are a scientist.
You don't take the world for granted as it is. In your lab you are a pioneer.
Your research is like sailing the world in the 15th century.
In your lab, you discover your own 'New World'.

I am a child.

I live in a world where truth and tricks are hard to distinguish from one other.
I look for my knowledge on the Internet.
I don't see how big companies manipulate me.
I am raised to buy, to believe and to obey.

I am the next generation.

I will be dealing with difficult questions.
Questions on war and wealth.
I am looking for the right answers.
And you know how to look for the truth.
The truth behind the melodious words of a politician,
the promising slogans of a banker,
the breaking news of a journalist.

In the 15th century, pioneers came back with ivory. 

Maybe, it's time for you to come out of the towers built with it.

Dear Mr scientist, if you give me anything, give me truth.

Een geweldige dag

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